Small Distance – LARGE Effect. The 25mm System of LSYSTEM®.de


Each branch is different. But one aspect affects all branches. 

The complete product assortment must be available to the customer at any time. 


The assortments grow – the space remains the same. We are the specialists for optimum and effective space concepts. Our own patented shelf system LSYSTEM®.de provides a 25mm system for optimum utilization of the shelves.    

  • Designed for optimum space utilization, the 25mm LSYSTEM®.de provides up to 20 percent more presentation space per linear meter shelf.
  • Narrow shelf supports at the front - Thus improved space utilization between the shelves.
  • The shelf supports allow invisible cable duct and the application of additional assembly accessory.
  • The shelves can be mounted closer together, if requested – unnecessary empty space is a thing from the past!
  • Adjustable scanning rails – height 22 to 80mm – optimized perspective, independent from the mounting height of the shelf. Placing of goods independent on dimension between the center lines – rail across shelves.

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