LSYSTEM®.de - The Shelf System

  • LSYSTEM®.de – A Shelf System is Born
  • Small Distance – LARGE Effect. The 25mm System of LSYSTEM®.de
  • Our System for your Success!
  • ISO 9001 & TÜV Rheinland – We are certified!
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LSYSTEM®.de - A Shelf System is Born

Designed in compliance with the latest standards, the LSYSTEM®.de shelf system has been available for several years. Based on years of experience in research & development, we created a modern, compatible and affordable shelf design which is available worldwide. Besides the basic shelf components, we provide a LSYSTEM®.de accessory programme which comprises approx. 20,000 articles. It is needless to say that the system is subject to constant development. Additionally to the “classic” 50mm grid system we also provide the 25mm system, which emphasize the focus on your goods presentation.

Basic components (RAL colours by choice) 

  • Columns – in various heights. Available with 25mm grid or 50mm grid, as requested.
  • Shelf supports – narrow design at the front (for 25mm and 50mm grid). Thus improved space utilization between the shelves. Broad shelf support design at the rear – thus higher loading capacity and stability guaranteed.
  • Shelves – only 22cm high!
  • Scanning rail – adjustable height 22 to 80mm – optimized perspective, independent from the mounting height of the shelf. Placing of goods independent on dimension between the center lines – rail across shelves.

Small Distance – LARGE Effect. The 25mm System of LSYSTEM®.de

Each branch is different. But one aspect affects all branches. The complete product assortment must be available to the customer at any time. The assortments grow – the space remains the same. We are the specialists for optimum and effective space concepts. Our own patented shelf system LSYSTEM®.de provides a 25mm system for optimum utilization of the shelves.

  • Designed for optimum space utilisation, the 25mm LSYSTEM®.de provides up to 20 percent more presentation space per linear meter shelf.
  • The columns feature an elegant, modern double slotting.
  • The shelves can be mounted closer together, if requested – unnecessary empty space is a thing from the past!
  • The 25mm LSYSTEM®.de enables a flexible goods placement.

Our System for your Success!

Our focus lies on YOUR GOODS. The shelf system is merely the framework which serves the space optimized and well thought out presentation of the goods. No matter, whether you wish a consistent price labeling, which creates a calm picture and does not detract from the goods, or you wish to fit lights underneath the shelves – our shelf system highlights your goods! 

  • Flexible & easily realizable solutions for all branches.
  • Higher load capacity due to innovative development.
  • Patented.

ISO 9001 & TÜV Rheinland – We are certified!

Every production plant which manufactures LSYSTEM®.de shelf components, are at least certified by ISO 9001 and are monitored by means of a sophisticated quality assurance procedure, in order to meet our high quality demands.

Moreover, LSYSTEM®.de system shelves have been tested by TÜV Rheinland LGA with regard to the load capacity, the surface quality and the prevention of accidents by sharp edges.

We prefer to have our products tested by the independent TÜV so that you can be sure of having purchased a quality product.

New products generally undergo this test, if they feature structural relevance. 

  • Permanent quality monitoring by our own construction experts, as well as controllers on site.
  • ISO 9001 Certification for all production sites.
  • Load values determined by independent experts - e.g. TÜV Rheinland LGA. For your safety.
  • Trademark rights and patents – a warranty for our original and your standard.

Global Supply from 1 piece to ... Please, ask for us!

Patented and, contrary to other high-quality shopfitting systems, available worldwide, the LSYSTEM®.de provides flexible and easily realizable solutions for all branches. 



While designed down to the last detail, it is not only compatible with worldwide accessible shopfitting systems, but represents with approx. 20,000 articles in its LSYSTEM®.de - accessory programme highest individuality and creativity. 


Due to hundreds of product developments as well as to its higher load capacity the LSYSTEM®.de takes up any challenge and demand in a shop’s everyday life almost effortless and always easy to handle. 


The flexibility of the LSYSTEM®.de also applies to the colour design and to the lead times. The short-term realization of colour preferences as well as a quickest possible order processing for the LSYSTEM®.de also speak for themselves compared to other market-leading shopfitting systems. 

  • International production sites & networks
  • Individual service all about our system
  • Low production costs and delivery expenses
  • Favourable price performance ratio
  • High quality standard